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Suspension Clamps For ADSS Cables

ADSS suspension clamps is a device used to support or clamp all dielectric self-supporting cables (ADSS) on the pole or towers during aerial FTTx line constructions. Usually these clamps can be installed on short spans at intermediate routes.

The installation of aerial suspension clamps are very convenient to applied with different size of ADSS cable. Anti drop designs (such as neoprene insert of strap) do not allow the conductor to slip down from suspension clamps. And for each overhead suspension clamp, we have matching pole hooks or brackets to use together which are available either separately or together as assembly.

Jera ADSS suspension clamps are made of

-Galvanized steel
-Neoprene or nylon UV resistant plastic

Jera uses the 1st grade thermoplastic to produce plastic part, and all the metal part processed with weather proof finish which will guarantee long period of usage.

All jera produces suspension clamps are inspected by a series testing in our interior laboratory which including maximum tension strength test, UV resistant test, corrosion resistance test temperature cycling test etc.
Jera is a direct manufacture who produce aerial components for aerial FTTH deployments, please feel free to contact us for more product information!

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