UV and temperature aging test

UV and temperature aging test

UV and temperature aging test other called climate aging test to examine the quality of materials or products if they meet expected functionality and lifetime. This test simulates different weather conditions, such as high humidity, high UV-radiation and high temperature.

We proceed test on almost all the overhead cable products

-Anchor clamps

-Fiber optic cable

-Fiber optic splice closures

-Fiber optic distribution boxes

-FTTH drop cable clamp

Test chamber was preformed automatically, which can avoid human mistakes to make sure the the authenticity and precision of the experiment. Climatic aging test procedure involves put products into chamber with presetting humidity, UV radiation, temperature.

Test preformed by dozen of cycles of rising and falling mentioned criteria. Each cycle includes some hours of aggressive climatic conditions. All controlled by radiometer, thermometer etc. The radiation, temperature, humidity ratio and time have different values base on standard IEC 61284 for overhead fiber optic cable, and accessories.

We use following standards test on new products before launching, also for the daily quality control, in order to make sure ours customer could receive products which meet quality requirements.

Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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