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Horizontal Type FOSC

Fiber optic splice closures, horizontal type are developed to use on central loop of cable routes during construction of fiber optic network. Horizontal Fiber Optic Closure, useful to join the fiber cores by fusion splicer and heat shrink steel tubes. Usually applied without termination of main cable, inline, on the poles or in sewage, ducts and industrial collectors.

FOSC provides more reliable protection and long life period of usage. Cable input and outputs are located on the both sides of FOSC.

Horizontal type FOSC are fully mechanical sealing structure which ensure confident performance. Our FOSC are made of weather and UV resistant first grade plastic material, which provide the durability whether the FOSC is in overhead, buried underground or in pipeline.

Horizontal type fiber optic splice closures related products as well as tools you may find in our product range.
FOSC meet the meet the criteria of key regional standards RoHS, CE.

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