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Stainless Steel Buckles

Stainless steel buckles, either called stainless steel clips designed to attach pole fittings, anchor clamps, suspension fittings and other fittings or accessories together with stainless steel bands on dead end and intermediate routes of main of end use electrical connections.

Stainless steel buckles can be made with different grades, common material is SUS 202, 304, and 316. We produce 2 main types of buckles:

-Stainless steel buckles, L-type
-Stainless steel buckles, T-type

Jera stainless steel buckles are reinforced, this can guarantee extended service life and attaching under significant mechanical loads. Stainless steel buckles can be made of different sizes and materials which depend on application requirements.

Jera produced buckles are tested by a series tests in our interior laboratory, test including mechanical strength test, corrosion test, aging test etc. We also supply stainless steel strapping band and banding tools which you could find in our product range.

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