Product assembly workshop

Product assembly workshop

Jera fiber have 3 assemblies in the assembly workshop. Most of the products that we produce consist of 4 or more spare parts. A finished product needs to be assembled in the production line, and then do packing. We use the technology of conveyor system to speed our assembly efficiency

In assembly workshop we assemble:

-FTTH box and FTTH splice closure

-FTTH cable anchoring and suspension clamp

-Drop wire clamps

We have 7 steps towards an effective assembly line: Organization of the workshop’s process, Clear division of assembly work, Post the workshop,Put the assemble into practice, Discussion of the general improvement methods, Design of the required situation,The implement begins.

Jera fiber is using conveyor system when we assembling the goods. This system can improve production efficiency and save factory production costs. It also can save the number of production workers to a certain extent and realize a certain degree of automated production.

Our intention is manufacture and supply a comprehensive and reliable products for our customers in the construction of telecommunication network and power distribution systems. Please feel free to contact us for further cooperation, hope we could build reliable, long-term relationships.

Assembly workshop


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