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Strand Wire Guy Grips

Helical wire dead end guy-grips were developed to grip the strand wire during installation on single wood pole associated with distribution construction, or concrete tower, as analog of classical wedge dead end strand clamps.
Strand guy grips made of galvanized steel, ASTM A475 standard of wire.

Guy-grip dead-ends do not require any special tools for installation and can be mounted on wire strand rope, directly. Strand Guy wire’s size is rated to hold more than the rated breaking strength of the guy strand this reached by special wire form and configuration of deadend grip and sand and glue spraying.

Other called Big Grip or Guy wire strand dead end product is widely spread in the world and correspond all the needed requirements of tension load and durability of distribution network in both areas: telecommunication with fiber optic ADSS cables and electrical distribution with ABC, AAAC, ACSR, ACSS, bare and covered conductors
Jera preformed production line is capable to adjust formed wire tower guy deadend in accordance to specification of clients strand wire.

Jera helical has the complete range of test equipment to proceed the type test of heliformed dead ends from preformed guy grip for steel stranded wire range.

Jera line focus on the quality and complete range of steel formed grips, which includes: dead-end guy grips, suspension grips, strand wire guy grips, ftth pole brackets, pole hooks and etc.

Each day we are improving our products to achieve new challenges of global electrical and network distributing market. Welcome to contact for more information!

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