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Fiber Optical Distribution Frame

Fiber optic distribution frame (ODF), other called fiber optic patch panel is designed to distribute, manage and protect fiber cores during telecom networks, in CATV equipment rooms or network equipment room. It’s can be applied with different adapter interface including SC, ST, FC, LC MTRJ, etc. related fiber accessories and pigtails are optional.

To handle large amounts of fiber optic with lower cost and higher flexibility, optical distribution frames (ODF) are being widely used to the connector and schedule optical fiber.

According to the structure, ODF can mainly be divided into two types, namely rack mount ODF and wall mount ODF. Wall mount ODF usually uses a design like a small box which can be installed on the wall and is suitable for fiber distribution with small counts. And rack mount ODF is usually modularity in design with firm structure. It can be installed on the rack with more flexibility according to the fiber optic cable counts and specifications.

Jera fiber optic distribution frame (ODF) is made of cold-rolled steel plate by electrostatic spraying technology which has excellent environmental stability and guarantee for long time usage. Jera ODF is capable to accommodate 12, 24, 36, 48, 96, 144 fiber cores connections.

The ODF is the most popular and comprehensive fiber optic distribution frame which can reduce the cost and increase the reliability and flexibility of fiber optic network during both deployment and maintenance. 

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