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Fiber Optic Cable

In 2018, we started to product fiber optic drop cable according to the engineering of know-how of fiber optic technology, in order to satisfy increasing demand of fiber optic component.

Fiber optic cable, also called optical fiber cable is an assembly used to transfer information via pulses of light. Fiber optic cable are constructed from one or more fiber optic fibers, reinforced and protected with special material to have good physical properties during telecommunication line constructions.

Optical fiber is a technology that allow light to travel along thin glass tubes. Glass tubes are with special diameter, usually 9/125 for single mode connections. Fibers produced by different technologies guarantee indicated bending radius of tube of standards G652D, G657 A1, G657 A2. Fiber cores are inked by different colors, which make the connection easily during cable cores splicing.

Jera has various type of cables which depends on application area, such as:
1) FTTH flat drop cable
2) FTTH round drop cable
3) Self-Supporting FTTH flat drop cable
4) Mini ADSS cables
5) Double Jacket Drop Cable

Different types of cable are consisted of different components and used for different applications. Some applications request water proof, high mechanical strength, UV resistant and we reinforce some material (Steel wire, RFP, aramid yarn, jelly, PVC tube etc) in cable to improve its performance.

Jera successfully integrated a fiber optic cable solution for GPON, FTTx, FTTH network construction. Our optic cable are capable to be applied on central loop or last mile routes for industrial buildings, railway and road transportation, industrial buildings, date centers and ect.

Our cable were verified in factory’s laboratory or 3rd party laboratory, inspection or test including insertion losses and return losses test, tensile strength test, temperature and Humidity Cycling Test, UV aging test and etc which are according to the standards of IEC-60794, RoHS and CE.

Jera offers all related passive optic network distribution accessories such as: fiber optic cable clamp, fiber optic pacth cords, fiber optic splice closures, fiber optic termination box and etc.

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https://www.jera-fiber.com/ftth-drop-wire/https://www.jera-fiber.com/self-supporting-ftth-flat-drop-cable/https://www.jera-fiber.com/ftth-round-drop-cable-fiber-optic-cable/double jacket drop cable


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