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Anchor And Suspension Brackets

Anchor and tension brackets were developed to attach anchor clamps, suspension clamp and other fitting to wooden, metal or concrete poles, walls, houses and constructions during FTTx aerial line deployments.

For overhead telecommunication cable installation, jera provide anchor brackets, suspension bracket, draw hooks, angle hooks, pole brackets, pole bolts, cable slack storage and various relevant accessories. All the accessories can be attached to building, strand poles with matching fittings, common attaching fitting including stainless steel straps with buckles, pole bolts and screws. Related fitting are available in jera product range.

Jera anchor and suspension brackets are made of:

-Aluminum alloy
-Galvanized steel
-UV resistance plastic

All the brackets and hooks are inspected by a series tests in our interior laboratory. Tests including maximal tensile strength test, aging test, corrosion tests etc which ensure our products meet the standards for aerial ftth line requirements.

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