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Jera line is a direct factory, that produces the cable infrastructure.

Our products are applied in following areas of construction of communication lines:

- Outdoor fiber optic FTTX/FTTH networks
Indoor fiber optic networks
- Bandings, overhead line hardware

We produce a wide range of fiber optical cables, terminal boxes, splice closures, clamps, preformed wire guy-grips, stainless steel banding, and pole’s hardware for passive optical networks (PON), used in outdoor(Overhead) and indoor fiber optic cable distribution routes.

Our products are verified in factory’s laboratory or 3rd party laboratory, by arranging following inspections: UV and temperature aging test, corrosion aging test, ultimate tensile strength test, insertion and return losses test and etc which conform to IEC-60794 standards.

Each and every day, we are improving our products, to meet the new challenges of evolving global markets. We satisfy customers from more than 40 countries - worldwide.

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