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FTTH flat drop cable

FTTH flat drop wire either called flat type drop cable as an important part of FTTH line constructions, they are located on the subscriber end to connect the terminal of a distribution cable to a subscriber’s premises during last mile installation route.

Fiber optic drop cable usually consists of one or more fiber cores, reinforced with two strength members and outer jacket to have appropriate physical attribute to ensure good performance during various weather conditions.

Butterfly drop cables can be installed indoor or outdoor, on underground or buried cable routs. Jera offers two kinds of ftth fiber drop cable:

-FTTH flat drop cables with steel rods
-FTTH flat drop cables with FRP rods

To choose a right FTTH drop cable will directly affect network reliability, operational flexibility and the economics of FTTH deployment. This FTTH fiber optic wire is with small size and low tensile strength, are designed to applied on short span of ftth line constructions. The maximum capacity of fiber cores is 4 for this drop cable, fiber cores can be selected with G657 A1 or G657 A2 upon different application demands. Reinforced rods also selectable with FRP or steel rods, cable outer sheath is made of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) or PVC and the color can be choose with with or black according to requirements.

All jera produced cables are meet the criteria of RoHS and CE standards and inspected in our interior laboratory. Tests including maximum tensile strength test, flammability test, insertion and return losses test, temperature and humidity cycling test and etc.

Now we have mature production line to produce ftth drop cables, and we are devote ourselves to supply most completed and cost efficient solutions to our clients for FTTH line constructions.

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