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ADSS Cable Guy Grips

ADSS preformed guy grips are designed to used on wooden, metal or concrete poles or metal towers in the constructions of distribution network during telecommunication with fiber optical ADSS cables.

Jera adss dead-end grips are made of galvanized steel, and inside of wire covered by special sand layer and glue, which will greatly increase the force of friction between round all dielectric self-supporting optic fiber cable. And the operating of guy grips are not require any tools, which will save the installation time and costs.

Our preformed products is capable to adjust wire formed dead ends according to the data sheet from client’s cable. When the tension strength is high, it should be applied helical ADSS grip with splice protector in order to protect fiber core from damaging during tensioning. Opposite to it, it can be applied ADSS preformed wire grip without protector, when the tension is under 9 KN, with thimble or without it.

All jera produced helical wire grips have been tested with the collaboration of telecommunication utilities in order to satisfy the demands of our clients. We also have our own laboratory to do daily inspection during production, which ensure our product can meet the application standards for aerial FTTH line components.

Jera line focus on the quality and complete range of steel formed grips, which includes: dead-end guy grips, suspension grips, strand wire guy grips, ftth pole brackets, pole hooks and etc.

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