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Stainless Steel Bandings

In 2013, we started to produce pole bands and bracket for aerial cable network line installation. Bands or strapping products and related accessories were design to bundle or secured industrial fittings together.

Banding system is a set of fastening material and special fixing devices. It versatility, durability and has an extremely high breaking strength which makes it a perfect option for heavier applications. Such as in construction of electrical distribution line, aerial transmission line, telecommunication line, construction of outdoor passive optic networks, low voltage/ high voltage ABC line and etc.

Relevant banding product includes:
1)Stainless steel strapping band
2)stainless steel buckles(Clips)
3)Worm stainless steel band
4)Worm stainless steel buckles
5)Banding tools
Jera stainless steel band accessories meet the criteria of key regional standards such as CENELEC, EN-50483-4, NF C22-020, ROSSETI(CIS market)

For the stainless steel bands and buckles, we could make it in different stainless steel grades: 201, 202, 304, 316,and 409. Also for the wide and thickness of the bands we have many options which could be chosen depend on clients’ requirements.

Stainless steel strapping is the perfect solution of securing with heavy load industrial fittings, its enable to provide high environmental stability due to its material characteristics.

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wore stianless steel band Worm stainless steel buckles Jera stainles steel bands卡扣打包工具


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