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Drop Clamps For FTTH Cables

Fiber optic drop wire clamps either called drop cable tension clamps are designed to tension or clamp flat or round fiber optic cable, telephone drop wire on dead-end or intermediate routes during last mile ftth line network installations.

Tension strength achieved by wedges and conical body of clamp or by excentral layout of cable in the clamp or wedges. Open or closed wire bails provide an easier installation. Tension strength achieved. Radius of excentrals is enough for the optical signal to work properly, without losses.

Jera drop wire clamps are made of

-High strength stainless steel
-Galvanized steel
-Aluminum alloy
-UV resistant thermoplastic

These material ensure a high corrosion resistance and guarantee the long service life.
The operation of jera fiber optic cable clamps are very simple, no request other tools. Aerial drop wire clamps can be attached to the building, stand or poles b special anchoring bracket, drive hooks, pole brackets, SS hooks and various drop attachments.

Jera has its own laboratory to do inspection during daily production, which ensure our products can meet the requirements for aerial ftth deployments. All jera overhead drop clamp passed a series tests, such as maximal tensile strength test, aging test, corrosion resistant test etc.

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