Press forming workshop

Press forming workshop

Jera fiber have more than 10 stamping presses. The pressing technology is the process of putting flat sheet metal in the blank or coil form into a press forming, and then deform it (by bending, blanking, embossing, coining etc) to match the size and shape of the die, and the material then maintains that shape forever. We do R&D and develop products related to production by this technology.

We manufacturing the metal parts for following products in the stamping press workshop:

-Fiber optic anchor clamps for figure 8 cable

-Fiber optic boxes

-Fiber optic closures

-Flat drop wire clamp and round wire clamp

-Stainless steel buckle

-Fiber optic cable slack storage bracket

-Other clips, thimbles, hangers

The raw materials for the stamping press usually are a coil of steel, like stainless steel SUS 201, SUS 304, Carbon steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass etc.

All the materials is checked according to the standards of ISO 9001:2015, and JERA internal requirements.

With these stamping presses, Jera fiber has the ability to research and design new products and do some customer required products based on our current ranges. It makes Jera fiber have wide product range to satisfy customer’s different requirements. And JERA products become more competitive in the markets

By using this forming press technology, we can produce the metal parts all by ourselves. It saves the cost and makes the unit price of the products more competitive, and we can easily control the quality by ourselves.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a whole solution for the building the telecommunication network. Please feel free to contact us for further cooperation, hope we could build reliable, long-term relationships.

press forming workshop

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