Temperature and humidity cycling test

Temperature and humidity cycling test

Temperature and humidity cycling test is used to test and determine the parameters and performance of products or materials through the changes of the temperature and humidity such as under high temperature and humidity or low temperature and humidity.

Environmental changes in things like temperature and humidity strongly influence material and product performance. We preform this test by immersing products or accessories in artificial environment, exposing products to extreme high temperature, gradually reducing to low temperature, and then returning to high temperature. This cycle can be repeated in the case of reliability testing or customers’ requirements.

Jera proceed this test on below products

-FTTH Fiber optic drop cable

-FTTH drop cable clamps

-Aerial clamps or fixing supports

The common test of standards are refer to IEC 60794-4-22.

We sell products to over 40 countries in the world, some countries have extreme high or low temperature, just like the Kuwait and the Russia. Also some countries have continuous rainfall and high humidity just like the Philippines. We must make sure that our products can be applied in different weather conditions and this test can be a good examination for products’ performance.

Testing chamber simulate the different weather conditions, the adjustable temperature range of the equipment is +70℃~-40℃ and humidity range is 0%~100%, which covers most rugged environment in the world. We also can control the rate of temperature or humidity’s rise and fall. The test’s requirement of temperature or humidity could be preseted to avoid human mistake and ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the experiment.

We do this test on new products before launching, also for the daily quality control.

Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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