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Fiber Optic Cable Clamp And Bracket

In 2015, Jera line started to produce clamps and brackets for FTTX fiber optic cable deployment. We spend a lot of time and cost for new products development and test to produce various clamps and brackets for medium span cable line deployment.

Cable clamp and bracket are very important factor during telecommunication projects. Jera is devote itself to develop and produce durable, cost-effective and reliable products to satisfy different requirements from customers. The main materials for clamp and bracket are UV resistant thermoplastic, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel.

Relevant clamp and bracket includes:
1)Anchor clamps for ADSS cables
2)Suspension clamps for ADSS cables
3)Anchor clamps for figure-8 cables
4)Suspension clamps for figure-8 cables
5)Drop clamps for FTTH cables
6)Down lead clamps
7)Anchor and Suspension brackets
8)Fiber optic cable slack storage
We supply our clients with confident fiber optic products to satisfy various requirements with punctual delivery and competitive price.

All the cable assemblies passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging test, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.

Each day we are improving our product range of fiber optic cable accessories to stand up to new challenges of global market. OEM is also available for us, please just send us samples or detailed configuration, we could calculate the cost in a short time for you.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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https://www.jera-fiber.com/anchor-clamps-for-adss-cables/suspension clamps for ADSS cableshttps://www.jera-fiber.com/anchor-clamps-for-figure-8-cables/https://www.jera-fiber.com/suspension-clamps-for-figure-8-cables/




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