Laser Marking

Jera fiber has laser machines to add marking on products to satisfy customer’s various requirements. It can mark a variety of materials like steel, aluminum,stainless steel, rubber and plastic. It’s often used to add 2D barcodes, product item number, serial numbers and logos on products.

Compared to the older marking methods like dot peen marking and inkjet printing, laser marking has become the technology of choice for manufacturers who need high quality marking, its offer a multitude of advantages than the old options.

In laser workshop we add marking on below products:

 -Fiber optic distribution boxes

-Fiber optic splice closures

-Optical distribution socket

-Drop wire clamp

-ADSS anchor and suspension clamps

-Fig8 anchor and suspension clamps

-Anchor and suspension bracket and hooks

-Stainless steel band with cassette

Jera line uses the high speed and precise laser machine during daily production. We can add required code or logo on product or spare part which increase the flexibility of customization.

Jera care about the quality of our products and service, our intention is manufacture and supply a comprehensive and reliable products for our customers in the construction of telecommunication network.

Welcome to contact us for more information, hope we could build reliable, long-term relationship.



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