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Outdoor Drop Cable Patch Cord

Ondoor drop cable patch cord, with connector pre-terminated in each end of cable to make connection which allow rapidly and conveniently plug the cable to optical transmitter, receiver, PON boxes and other telecommunication equipment during FTTH network constructions. It will decrease the loss of the optical distribution network and the installation time in FTTX projects.

Jera line provides a high precise FTTH fiber optic drop patch cord for indoor and outdoor optical network deployments. We offer round type and figure 8 type cables, connectors can be choose by SC, FC, LC, ST and etc with PC, UPC or APC polishing. Jera drop cable patch cord is consist of high grade connectors and the ferrule is made of zirconia.

Drop cable patch cords can be produced with different lengths such as 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0 100, 200 m and etc, cable jacket materials is available by PVC and LSZH, glass fiber core can be choose with G652D, G657A1 or G657A2 which are depend on various application demands from customer.

Jera line is a direct factory who mainly produce fiber optic cable and related accessories for indoor and outdoor FTTx deployments. All jera cable were verified in factory’s laboratory or 3rd party laboratory, inspection or test including insertion losses and return losses test, tensile strength test, temperature and Humidity Cycling Test, UV aging test and etc which are according to the standards of IEC-60794, RoHS and CE.

Jera offers all relevant passive optic network distribution accessories such as: fiber optic drop wire, ftth fiber optic terminal box, drop wire clamp, ftth drop hook and etc. Welcome to contact us for more details of this fiber optical drop cable patch cords.

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