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Plastic molding workshop

Plastic molding workshop

Jera line possess the technology of plastic injection equipment. In the injection molding workshop, we produce the plastic parts for different products related to our product range, such as:

-ftth drop clamp

-Adss cable clamps

-Suspension clamps

-Drop wire cable clamps

-Fiber optic termination boxes

-Fiber optic splice closures

-Fiber optic cable adaptor

The polymer raw materials are PA Nylon, ABS, PC, PS, PP, PVC etc. All these raw materials are being inspected according to the requirements of standards ISO 9001 : 2015, and according to our internal testing criteria. They  meet the required environmental protection requirement of outdoor and indoor applications.

Jera fiber has the ability to research and design new products and do some customer required products based on our current ranges. We do wide product range to satisfy our customers.

Having the comprehensive fleet of injection molding machine, we offer a competitive prices and stable quality to our customers. Daily improving the production facility we serve our current customers and doing our best to achieve new challenges of telecommunication market.

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plastic molding workshop


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