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Fiber Cable Pulling Tools

Aerial fiber cable pulling tools are designed to used in fiber optic cable line constructions. The pulling tools can pull the conductors manually or mechanically. The pulling force can be converted into a clamping force, and it can help us to tension the fiber optic conductor easily. Those tools can be used during FTTH overhead line construction or underground optical cable laying.

Common fiber optic cable installation tools including:
1)Fiberglass duct rodder,wheel type
2)Fiberglass rodder fish tapes
3)Come along wire grip
4)Mechanical dynamometer
5)Cable pulling socks
6)Overhead cable stringing pulley
7)Ratchet tensioning puller
8)Line pulling swivel
The tools we supply are durable and with excellent environmental stability. Tools is designed no damage to fiber optic cable and prevent from shipping during installation.

Please feel free to contact us for further details about those fiber optic cable installation tools.

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