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ADSS Suspension Guy Grips

Preformed wire suspension grips were developed to secure and suspension ADSS cable or cables to poles and towers during the construction of telecommunication line.

Jera wire formed suspension grips are made of galvanized steel material. Additionally equipped with round thimble, that provide superior holding without destruction of wire after years of usage. Also without round thimble is available which depend on the request working load of cable.

The installation of adss suspension guy grips do not require any tools and can be mounted on fiber optical cable directly. Aerial adss grips don’t require and protective rods or side splices, it can be installed straight on the fiber optic cable jacket. However, when the tension strength is high, it should be applied helical adss grip with splice protector in order to pretect fiber core form damaging during application. Opposite to it, it can be applied adss preformed wire grips without protector, when the tension is under 9KN, with the thimble or without it.

Jera is capable to develop the preformed wire suspension grips according to your cable specification, and distance between poles. Feel free to contact us and we will offer you the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for you!

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