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Fiber Optical Splice Closure


Fiber optic splice closure (FOSC) other called fiber optic splicing closure, is a device used to provide space and protection for fiber optic cables spliced together during center loop fiber optic network constructions. It’s can be applied underground, aerial, wall-mounting, pole-mounting and duct-mounting routes.

According to different applications, there are two types of fiber optic closures in the market for users to choose: Horizontal type fiber optic closure and vertical type fiber optic closure.

Horizontal type fiber optic closure is like a flat or cylindrical box, this type of closure is most commonly used in wall-mounting, pole- mounting and buried underground. Vertical type fiber optic closure also called dome type fiber optic closure, it is like a dome and due to the dome shape makes it easy to be applied in many places.

Jera FOSC are made of 1st grade UV resistant plastic and intergrated with seal which ensure weather and rust proof, which provide confident performance whether in overhead or buried underground during FTTX network constructions.

Fiber optic splice closures can be installed by bolts or stainless steel straps easily, all relevant accessories are available in jera products range, please feel free to contact for future details.

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