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Stainless Steel Strap

Stainless steel band straps are the main role of steel band fastening solution. It can be made of different grades of stainless steel bands by SUS 201, 202, 304, 316, 409. And for different application requirements it can be make with different width and thickness.

Due to its versatility, durability and extreme high breaking strength which allow it to be the perfect option for attaching or fixing industries assemblies. The common usage of stainless steep bands is to fixing anchoring and suspension assemblies or other devices to the poles, widely used in construction of passive optical networks, in marine and railway transportation, mining, oil and gas industries.

Compare to other suppliers, Jera stainless steel straps have superior elongation value, and jera stainless steel straps are protected with plastic boxes from different colors which is for easy indetification of steel grade and convenient to carry. Because of heavy duty product, the packing method is box plus plastic box which help to secure product during transportation.

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