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Anchor Clamps For Figure-8 Cables

Figure 8 tension clamp is developed to anchor figure eight fiber optic cable of different diameters with messenger types in aerial FTTx deployments.

All of jera figure 8 anchor clamps divided into two groups:

Anchor clamps for figure 8 cable with steel messenger
Anchor clamps for figure 8 cable with dielectric messenger

Each type of messenger request specified wedges type and material. Usually for FRP, kevlar messenger, we use plastic wedge and body of clamp, and for metal messenger we use zink teeth and aluminum alloy body material. As steel messenger require higher mechanical tensile load, and require aluminum material to have enough high strength during application. Wire bail are made of stainless steel to have good flexible.

Those fiber optic cable fittings can be applied on dead-end, double dead-ending or double anchoring cable routes. Our wedge tension clamp does not cut the cable sheath and guarantee long time usage.

Anchoring clamps are made of
-Flexible stainless steel bail
-Fiber glass reinforced, UV resistant plastic body and wedges
-Aluminum alloy

The design of stainless steel bail allow easy installation of clamps on pole bracket and hooks. All jera assembly are inspected by a series tests in our laboratory which ensure our products can meet the standard for ftth aerial application.
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