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Fiber Cable Termination Tools

Fiber cable termination tools is a group of special products that support fusion splicing or direct termination of fiber optic cables during FTTH line constructions. The tools are an important items for any optical fiber cable installers, which will greatly facilitate the fusion splicing and termination works of the fiber optic cables.

Jera line supply a series of tools for fiber cable termination, products including:

- Fiber Optic Cable Termination and Splicing Kits
- Fiber Optic Cable Strippers
- Fiber Optic Cleaning Products
-Cable jacket stripping tools
-Fiber buffer stripping tools
-Furcation stripping tools
-Fiber optic heat shrink sleeve
-Kevlar cutting shears
-Connector crimp tools
-Fiber cleaver
-Fiber gripper

Jera optical fiber termination tools are made of high-quality materials and manufactured according to industry standards which guarantee a long period usage. Our complete product range will be able to help you with all fiber optic works.
Jera line is a direct factory who produces fiber optic drop cable and related accessories for outdoor and indoor FTTx deployments. All the assemblies are available either separately or together.
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