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PLC Splitter,Mini Module(Blockless PLC Splitter)

Blockless PLC Splitter to distribute optical signals in FTTH.
Fiber optic splitter based on PLC (planar light wave circuit) technology gives low cost light distribution solution.
Product types: 1X2, 1X4, 1X8, 1X16, 1X32, 1X64.

Key Features:
1. Blockless PLC splitter has stronger fiber protection than bare fiber splitter.
2. Equipped by pigtails SC/UPC, SC/APC
3. Equipped by adapters SC/UPC, SC/APC
4. Low cost FTTH installation
5. Tiny dimensions allow using various distribution boxes or network cabinets.
6. Low Polarization Dependent Loss
7. Excellent Environmental Stability
8. Indoor or outdoor FTTH installation

Application areas:
1. Fiber to the point (FTTX)
2. Fiber to the home (FTTH)
3. Passive optical networks(PON)
Mini module splitters are available with related products such as fiber distribution boxes.

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