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Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink tubes

Shrink tubes are widely used for a variety of cabling applications, which including cable terminating, splicing and provide environmental seals on power cable or fiber optic cables.

Jera line provide two kinds of shrink tubes:
-Heat shrink tubes
-Cold shrink tubes

They may appear similar from the outside but the key characteristics are different. They have different installation techniques, applications and physical properties.

Cold shrink cable tube is a supercharged rubber sleeve that is pre expended over an inner breakaway reinforced by ripcord (polymer spiral). Once the ripcord is removed, which release the shrinking energy of silicone sleeve. Then the sleeve is shrinking to the original size.

Heat shrink, also comes pre-stretched, but as a sleeve rather than a removable core. Sleeve installation requires a heat source, usually from a gas torch, to heat the polyolefin tubing, shrink it to its original size, and create a seal on the cable or connector.

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