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Fiber optic splitters & Filters

Fiber optic PLC splitter, also called planar waveguide ciruit splitter, is a device developed to divide one or two light beams light beams uniformly or combine multiple light beams to one or two light beams. It’s a special device and has many input and output terminals widely used in a passive optical network (GPON,FTTX, FTTH).

PLC splitter provides a low- cost light distribution solution with high stability and reliability, the end capped quantity of connectors is 1*2, 1*4, 1*8, 1*16, 1*32, 1*64 SC/APC or SC/UPC.

Jera provides fiber optic cable splitter including:
1)Fiber optic PLC Cassette splitter
2)Mini PLC Cassette splitter
3)PLC splitter,ABS module
4)Bare fiber PLC splitter(Blockless PLC splitter)
Jera cassette PLC splitter with consistent performance, low optical Insertion loss, low polarization dependent Loss, high reliability and stability, superior environmental and mechanical characteristics, and fast installation.

Facing the continuing increase demands of higher bandwidth, we need a fast installation, reliable PLC splitters to provide fiber optic links during FTTX and PON network constructions. The PLC splitter allows users to use a single PON network interface, maximizes the user capacity of the optical fiber network, and provides the best solution for network builders.

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