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Fiber Optic Indoor Distribution Box

Fiber optical distribution boxes, designed to terminate feeding optic cable and connect last mile cables as fiber optical cords, patch cords, pigtail cords according to capacity of distribution box which are widely used in telecommunication network constructions.

Compare to outdoor distribution box, usually indoor termination box has compact size which allow easy installation on buildings and houses. Fiber optic terminal boxes are one of the chief elements in the construction of fiber optic distribution network. Jera has researched plenty of designs of fiber optic termination boxes, with different kinds of termination, types of splicing, splitting. We have chosen the most convenient and cost efficient fiber optic cable termination boxes for FTTX solution.

FODB boxes provides less IP protection compared to fiber optic splice closures, however more convenient to connect smaller capacity cables in FTTx technology of internet construction, and have less costs to connect an additional subscriber.

Our ftth cable distribution box are made of weather and UV resistant first grade plastic material. Modern design of this range guarantee long time usage. And our boxes meet the criteria of key regional standards RoHS, CE.

Jera fiber optic distribution box are installed by bolts screws or stainless steel bands with appropriate type of buckle, all relevant products are available in our products range.

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