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Down Lead Clamps

The down lead clamps are used to guide optical ground wire (OPGW) or ADSS cable of different diameter from the top of structure to down-leading route or from the bottom to up leading routes during FTTx deployments.

The fiber optical accessories are installed with transmission cable at the spans from 1 to 2 meters, and there are two types of this FTTH down lead clamps:

-Down lead clamps for poles
-Down lead clamps for towers

Jera down lead clamps is appropriate for fixing ADSS, OPGW, and other drop round fiber optic cables. It will help to prevent conductors from shipping, shaking, and attrition during application of hostile weather conditions.

The material of down lead clamps are high strength stainless steel and aluminum alloy, UV resistant thermoplastic, which are weather proof and guarantee long time usage.
Jera offer a complete solution for aerial ftth line constructions, products including: fiber optic drop cable, drop wire clamp, pole brackets, pole hooks, stainless steel straps, cable slack storage etc. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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