Helical wire forming workshop

One of Jera fiber’s main products is Helical line fittings. We produce the products by the process of helical wire forming, bending, twisting, sand and glue covering.

In helical wire forming workshop, we produce following products:

-Dead- end guy grips which including ADSS cable guy grips, strand wire guy grips, ACCC, ACSR guy grips

-Suspension grips which including suspension grips with amor rods and ADSS helical suspension clamps

We also do research and develop products for customized products by this technology.

The raw materials of the helical line fittings are steel such as hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum steel plated and copper. We checked all the material according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 and JERA internal inspection criterion.

Through this technology, jera line is capable to develop new products or customize current product range in order to be more competitive, and able to provide our customers reasonable offers and superior quality.

We improve production facilities and have the policy of cost efficient processing solutions and automatization.

Our intention is to provide a completely solution for the overhead cable anchoring and suspending. We manufacture all the related products to to our clients in the construction of telecommunication network and power distribution systems. If you have the related products requirements, just feel free to email or call us.