Electrical aging test

Electrical aging test is used to examine the ability of connectors to have opportune resistant value during temperature ranging cycles and electrical current.

Jera proceed test on below products

-Insulation piercing connectors(IPC)

-Low, middle and high voltage shear head bolt lug.

Two circuits of IPC mounted with main and branch conductors, Should be tested the resistance of electrical contact after indicated torque of nut, After direct current applied, temperature and resistance measurement points will be inspected. 1000 heat cycles are needed, periodically having short circuit. After 1000 cycles of heating and cooling the resistant valuation should be in accordance to electrical standard.

Our test method according to CENELEC, EN 50483-4:2009, NFC33-020, DL/T1190-2012 for electrical distribution accessories. We use following standards test on new products before launching, also for the daily quality control, in order to make sure ours customer could receive products which meet quality requirements.

Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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