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19 Rack mount fiber optic distribution frames

19 rack mount fiber optic distribution frame is widely used series of ODF, specified to be attached in 19 inch cabinets of optic fiber telecom networks, which are applied in data centers, servers rooms, during construction of telecommunication network by FTTX technology, CATV equipment rooms and network equipment room.

Fiber Optic Distribution Frame (ODF) For 19″ Rack Mount helps to connect optical cables and proceed and appropriate cable management, which provide reliable protection and long life period of usage of FTTX networks.

Rack Mount Empty Container ODF can accommodate 12, 24, 36, 48, 96, 144 fiber core connections in a very convenient way. The connection of fiber cores can be done by splice fusion, SC/APC adapters and patch cords or by PLC splitters. 12-144 ports of fiber optic patch panels are available in Jera’s FO product range, the most popular type is 24 fibers rack mounted fiber optic distribution frame.

Some of 19 rack mount fiber optical Distribution Frames has changeable SC/APC or LC/Duplex SC adapters holders, in order to have possibility to change the patchord type during splice management.

Jera has studied many of designs of ODF, indoor, outdoor, with unlike types of attaching into fiber optical cabinet: slide type or mount type. Rack mount Fiber Optical Distribution Frame are one of the chief elements in the construction of fiber optic distribution network.

Jera offers fiber optic patch panel, with all needed passive accessories: Fiber Optic Pigtail, Fiber Optic Adapter, Protection Sleeve, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber optic points, Fiber Optical Splice Closures, Drop cable clamps, Down lead clamps, pole brackets, stainless steel band, Anchoring and Suspension clamps, cable slack storage, etc.
All the FTTX accessories passed the operation experience test with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C aging test, corrosion resistance test, IP test etc.

We offer most completed passive optical part of FTTX applications with high rate of modularity and scalability.
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